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Confronted by change, technological advancement, competition and the unpredictability of a market economy, today's marketers have been compelled to seek a deeper understanding of the connection between brands and consumers.

FutureBright International is Olson Zaltman Network’s global partner for the Middle East.

Olson Zaltman is pioneer in the use of mind science to unlock the hidden power of the unconscious, helping marketers understand consumer beliefs, behaviours and decision-making.

Our patented (US patent No. 5436830) approaches developed by Dr. Gerald Zaltman at the Harvard Business School, illuminate the deep orientations that form the bedrock of consumers' thoughts and feelings.

Each of our industry-leading tools is built around deep meaning, so our clients can lift the largest possible lever in their marketing efforts.

Our tools elicit both conscious and especially unconscious thoughts by exploring people's non-literal or metaphoric expressions.

Our Philosophy

We're committed to advancing market research through science.

Olson Zaltman's academic roots and marketing acumen are reflected in the rigor with which
FutureBright International develops projects in the region.

Our approaches are customized around each client's unique goals.


We believe that deep understanding yields perspective and empathy.


The best way to gain this understanding is by exploring the unconscious mind.


This understanding integrates knowledge and connects people to create a story.


This story empowers you to unlock valuable consumer insights and make effective decisions.


These decisions create measurable business impact through increased market responsiveness.

Our Origins

Zaltman began thinking about the power of using imagery in research while on vacation in Nepal in 1990.

Zaltman initially planned to bring his camera but at the last minute opted to chronicle the trip by giving local residents disposable cameras and asking them to take pictures that would explain what life was like in their villages.

After developing the pictures, Zaltman returned to the village to ask residents to explain, through an interpreter, the meaning of the photographs.

The imagery tended to reveal ideas that would have been difficult or unacceptable to put into words.

For example, the photographers often cut off people's feet in the photographs.

This was intentional. In Nepal, bare feet are a sign of poverty.

Zaltman believed that because of the stigma associated with poverty, the topic likely would not have surfaced had the villages been asked to describe life in their villages using just words.

Global Presence

Our head office Olson Zaltman (US) leads a network of
global partners certified in patented methodologies.

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Our Team

All FutureBright International evangelists are worldwide certified by Olson Zaltman.

The certification is awarded after extensive training undertaken by Zaltman associates.

Food For Thought

Our academic tradition survives in the form of articles and books.


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